About Us

Clyde First Baptist Church

Mission Statement:

Clyde First Baptist Church seeks to be a community of persons modeling the love of God

Core Values:

Clyde First Baptist Church believes that Christ is the center of the church, as is the Bible & God's holy word.

We believe in prayer, the study of God's word, evangelism, and Christian fellowship.

We believe in stewardship through giving of our tithes and offerings, our time, and our spiritual gifts to meet the needs of others and ourselves.

We believe in ministering to people of all ages, both in the church and the community through worship, a graded Sunday School, the deacon family ministry plan, fellowship, and a daily pre-school program.

We believe in the autonomy of the local church.

Contact Us:

First Baptist Church of Clyde        
227 Main Street

Clyde, NC  28711

828-627-2201 (church office)
828-627-3650 (church fax)

                                                        Clyde First Baptist Church Preschool
227 Main Street

Clyde, NC  28711

828-627-2257 (church Preschool)
828-627-2215 (church Preschool fax)